Reinvigorate your well-being so that pain does not get to control every facet of your existence

Your life and wellness coach for chronic pain.

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Chronic pain goes so much deeper
than the physical. Our conditions
wreak havoc on our mental health.
You deserve to function to the best of your ability.

"The research is clear– this absolutely works." – Dr. John Sanders, MD

Life is too short to let chronic pain win.

Find happiness and hope.

Get back in the drivers seat of your life.

Learn to love instead of judge yourself.

I am living proof that change is possible.

My Journey

It's hard to even imagine that life could be different, I know...

In my own journey with chronic pain, I spent years believing that change was impossible. My purpose is to teach you how to transform your life the way that I have, but more than that, I want to share my story with you so that I can share something even more important– hope.

Does my condition still limit me?

Yes, but what I realized
is that by making the changes necessary, I found I had been limiting myself far more than my pain was. and I experienced freedom in a new way.

Will you still have pain?

I want to be completely clear here, yes, you will. I do too! The difference is the drastically different way my pain affects me, limits me and the effects it has in all areas of my life.

The most impactful change I observed in my own life was the way I felt each day when I woke up... I didnt dread having to 'get through' each day, I was able to be excited about what each day held in store.

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Hear what chronic pain specialists are saying about Pain Revolutionized

Dr. John Sanders, Director of Hospice, Palliative Medicine at St. Claire Healthcare discusses the unique impact Pain Revolutionized can have on patients suffering from chronic pain.

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Erica Otto, M.S.

As a chronic pain survivor herself, Erica deeply understands what it is like to feel as though it can never get any better. She understands how difficult the day to day really is. She went through a transformational experience to get where she is today and wants to share in that journey with you! No one deserves to feel hopeless and alone.

As a certified life coach, chronic pain survivor and holder of a masters degree in mental health counseling, erica used her strengths, experiences and knowledge to create a program that will guide you from pain to empowerment.

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An effective therapeutic framework for managing your chronic pain.



Paint the picture of what your life looks like when you defeat the control pain has over your life. Become inspired by hope. Make a true commitment to yourself for this vision of life you know is possible.



Uproot the doubts you have that you don’t have what it takes to get where you want to be. Destroy the thoughts that claim you are weak.



Reconsider the role you play in your life and the control you have over what happens. Become empowered by what is in your control and feel freedom from the release of things that you can’t control.



Permit gratitude to become a part of who you are. Embrace your innate strengths, qualities and abilities.



Object against beliefs that limit your progress and ability. Shift your perspective.



Shed the constant self-judgment that keeps you down and welcome a feeling of self-worth and purpose.



Commit to engaging in an entirely new way of behaving, thinking and feeling.


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Discover the secret recipe for banishing chronic pain

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Discover the Five Myths of Pain Management!

Learn the five things you need to know to start winning the war against chronic pain.

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Hear what chronic pain specialists are saying about Pain Revolutionized