Ultimate Stress and Anxiety Management MAsterclass

Too many people are overwhelmed by anxiety that goes untreated

Erica Otto's masterclass offers an online, self-directed solution to this problem so that people can gain the coping skills they need to manage anxiety and stress successfully on their own.


The time, energy and cost that goes into weekly therapy sessions can feel overwhelming, and it can keep you from getting the support you need.

But you are at a loss because you know you need help overcoming your anxiety, you just dont know how to get it, no one deserves to go without resources and live life in constant stress. You deserve some peace, especially in the face of everything we have endured in the last couple of years.


Get the strategies you need to overcome your constant worry, concern and anxiety.

Discover the relief you've been seeking.

Finally get the coping skills you have been looking for to destroy the aching ball of worry in your stomach, the tightness in your chest and the panic that threatens to overwhelm you.

Save time, money and energy!

The best part is, instead of paying thousands of dollars, and months of your time in therapy, this is a one-time fee that you can use on YOUR time.


Erica Otto, M.S., CPC

Not only have I experienced anxiety myself, I have treated many patients in my coaching practice, with the support of my Masters in clinical mental health counseling. They have found the success you are looking for. No one should have to struggle under the weight of constant worry, doubt and fear.


Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Take a stress free vacation from your anxiety with this guided meditation.

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