Erica Otto, M.S.

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How I learned to live life beyond chronic pain

As a chronic pain survivor myself, I know how devastating living in constant pain really is. I have ten years and counting in the ring with chronic pain and, like you, I have had many ups and downs. After three surgeries, countless visits to doctors, specialists and physical therapists we found that there was no medical cure that would fix my leg. Because of this I know just how hard it is to come to a point where you feel your completely out of options. That place is hopeless, helpless and incredibly lonely. After I spent some time wallowing in the devastation of this news I decided that I refused to let my pain and limited function decide how my life was going to go. I promised myself that I would find a way to be happy, whole and purposeful despite my condition.

Luckily for me (and for you), I had a leg up when it came to accomplishing my mission. I have a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling, am a practicing Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern, and I am a Certified Professional Life Coach. I decided to combine my education, clinical background, and personal experience to carve a new path for my life. Pain Revolutionized is the culmination of years of personal challenge and resilience. It is the method I used to find self-acceptance, joy and meaningful purpose. Once I had met my goals I realized that my hardship and subsequent success didn’t have to be limited to myself. Because I know how devastating and debilitating chronic pain is and how it impacts every sphere of your life it became my mission to help others to transform the way that I had.


Without access to the right resources people who suffer from chronic pain never get the relief they seek. I developed this program to help the tens of millions of chronic pain sufferers learn how to overcome pain’s severe impacts so that they can thrive in life, love and career.


Discover the secret recipe for banishing chronic pain

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Discover the Five Myths of Pain Management!

Learn the five things you need to know to start winning the war against chronic pain.

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