Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be pain free when I have completed this program?
This program is not designed to completely erase pain from your life. It is designed to give you the tools and changes necessary for overcoming pain and the difficulties that it creates in all areas of your life.
Will this lessen the pain I experience on a daily basis?
If you fully commit yourself to the transformation that this program has to offer, and maintain the changes you have made you will have the skills and habits in place to experience less pain on a daily basis. Not only will you experience less pain, but you will be strong mentally and emotionally and much more equipped to handle the pain that does remain.
How long is the Pain Revolutionized Masterclass?
The simple answer to this question is that the program takes 10 weeks. This masterclass is broken down into 5 modules which each contain between 4 and 8 sections of material. This does not include the introduction and conclusion modules. Each of the 5 modules will take two weeks of your time. These two weeks will consist of learning and reviewing the material, completing attached workbook exercises, engaging in the members only facebook group, and practicing and utilizing the skills and tools.
How much time do I have to put into this every day?
A true commitment to this process is a minimum of an hour a day for the 10 weeks.
Can this program help with any chronic pain condition?
Yes. The medically assigned term for your condition is not the problem we wish to solve. Pain is our subject of expertise and as such, if you have a condition which is causing you chronic pain, Pain Revolutionized can help.
Is this approached backed by science?
Pain Revolutionized incorporates a multitude of well-researched approaches to best serve your needs. The psychological theories incorporated into this program are thoroughly based in science including aspects of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness strategies, gratitude, working through the grief process, acceptance therapy and narrative therapy. To find a list of research that shows how much this process can impact you head to the ABOUT page.
How does it work?
Chronic pain comes with a laundry list of complications that extend far beyond just the physical impacts of the pain. Traditional therapies generally focus solely on the physical experience of pain to the detriment of the patient being treated. Pain Revolutionized has combined non-medical, science backed therapeutic approaches that treat the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of chronic pain so that you can experience true relief. This program teaches you, step by step, how to completely shift your perspective, mindset, habits and lifestyle in order for you to change the way you experience and observe pain and the barriers chronic pain creates in your life. Pain Revolutionized allows you to heal from the trauma and grief that chronic pain has caused by teaching you how to process and ultimately rebuild a healthy and loving relationship with yourself and others around you.
What are Erica Otto’s Credentials?
Erica Otto went through certified life coach training, is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern and has her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. Erica is also a chronic pain survivor herself.
What do I get when I purchase the masterclass?
You get lifetime access to the Pain Revolutionized Masterclass and all of its future revisions, lifetime access to the course workbook and all of its exercises, lifetime access to the private, members only facebook community, Weekly Q&A sessions with me in Facebook group.
Will there be future courses available?
At this time, I am focused solely on Pain Revolutionized so that I can make it the best possible solution for you.
How do I know if this course is right for me?
  • If you have chronic pain
  • if you feel like you have run out of options
  • if you feel hopeless or helpless
  • if you feel like pain dominates your life
  • if you feel like pain is damaging your relationships and career
This program sounds like it might be a little emotional for me at times, if I need help finding a counselor what do I do?
I highly recommend seeking a counselor if it becomes a need at any time, and I believe strongly that having an individual counselor throughout this process would only enhance the changes you will see as a result. The absolute best resource for finding a counselor in your area is Psychology Today. It has great search options that let you filter the results for counselors in your area, counselors that take insurance and you can even filter for a specific type of counseling modality.

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