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Top 5 Chronic Pain Blogs

November 18, 2022

The internet is full of blogs, vlogs and podcasts. You can find ANY type of content your little heart could ever desire. Sometimes, that can get to be a little overwhelming when we are searching for something specific, and we want the best information we can get. So i decided to make it a little easier for you guys to find the information you have been looking for, so that you can start getting amazing value from the time you spend on blogs!!! I have compiled a list of the 5 best, most informative and useful pain management and chronic pain blogs for you, are you ready?

1) Wellness with Erica

(SHAMELESS plug here lol). My blog provides you with education, information, personal stories and actionable tips and advice on how to manage your chronic pain. Not only that, but i provide a ton of valuable information on how to manage your mental health!

2) The Curable Blog

This is an amazing blog that i have run across time and again searching for amazing information. They are extremely science focused and rely heavily on scientific research in their blogs. They also are very mental health oriented which is amazing because living with a chronic condition wreaks havoc on our emotional system!

3) The Lupus and Autoimmune Blog

If you are looking for something a little more focused on autoimmune disorders this blog is for you! From recipes, to personal stories, to interviews and tips to live a better life, you will find it all here. She also provides pinpointed education on specific autoimmune disorders so that you can learn more about your diagnosis.

4) A Chronic Voice

This blog has a lot of valuable information on a lot of topics regarding pain management. The creator herself has struggled with lupus for over a decade and shares her personal story which is amazing. She also provides a ton of tips and tricks.

5) Sarah Hackley Blog

Because migraines effect 10s of millions of people i thought this blog would be a great end to this list! Not only does she have amazing resources and material regarding living with migraines, she talks about chronic conditions and illness in general.

When you live with chronic pain, life can feel lonely, depressing and sometimes just downright miserable. I think that one of the things that is so helpful is building a community of people that understand what you are going through so that you can curb that feeling of isolation. Not only that, but the more advice we can get on how to improve our lives the better!

I hope you enjoyed this list!


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